• Chef Party

  • Disco Party

  • Pirate Party

  • Charter Party, Superhero Party

  • Dress-Up Party

  • Super Sport Party

    Soccer, Basketball, Team Building, Great Exercise and Non Stop Action!

Chef Party

How cute are these Chefs Party Hats and Chefs Party Aprons??
...."Boys....who wants to make cakes....!!!"
Wow. The response was instant. They flew to the table and began mixing icing, toppings and cupcakes and biscuits.
As our cooking party arrived, each were issued with a Chefs Hat and a Cooking Apron, That they can decorated with the first initial of their name ,sticker,beads,glitter glue ....The effect of this was TERRIFIC –
straight away the boys bonded with each other, as if to say, here we are, together, again, and we are here TO HAVE A GOOD TIME TOGETHER!!! A bit of a “Stand By Me” moment. If you are going to have a party this is a great way to get all of the guests on the same level, as well as help those who might be a bit shy to feel at home.
Cookies blank Shape to any team we make them larger , Cupcake ,ice cream ,Cake
The kids later decorated them with all kinds of super sweet party icings, sparkles and fan-dangles,custom printed toppers.
Who says boys don't cook?

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Pirate Party

In order to act like a Pirate your birthday party guests need to think like a pirate.
The children "train" through active pirate themed birthday party games, to outsmart other pirates. They will sail ships, jump higher and react to dangerous pirate situations faster than ever!
The games are active and exciting especially the one where your child’s friends get wrapped up in sails and walk the plank (streamers and baking paper.) Your child will have to save them all!

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Dress – Up Party

Let each of your party guest’s custom. During this fun packed party we will lead the kids in a runway, and then will help them create their very own unique show with costumes, props, hair,nal,make-up, which will be presented for the adult guests towards the end of the party. If you want, we will wrap the party up by assisting with your cake presentation. For groups of 5-15 children, ages 5 and up
You will notice up to 20* very happy birthday party children, hilarious to watch, transform before your eyes into mini pirates,super heros.

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Super Sport Party


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Great exercise and non stop action!

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Disco Party

Kids Disco theme parties are a wonderful party idea for boys and girls both. And at We Love to Party, your child and their friends can get down and boogie with their Friendsll!
Does your child love to dance and sing?
There are fun activities for everyone during Disco Parties, since we always tailor the party for the age group of the children attending.
*Glitter Hairspray, to get into the Groove
*Dancing to Hannah Montana and Hi-5
*Playing Musical Statues - freeze in a Disco pose when the music stops!
*They do the Hokey Pokey
*Pass The Treasure Box - similar to "Pass The Parcel", but more fun, since the kids get to choose their prize and there's a prize for every child.
*Group Dancing to Macaren
Kids Disco Party Activities for 3-5 Year Olds
Play "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"
Play "If You're Happy and You Know It"
Group Dancing to Macarena
Disco Party Activities for 6-12 Year Olds
Limbo - how low can you go?
Dancing to the latest music, like Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Usher, etc.
Group Dancing to the Macarena or Nutbush
Group Karaoke to Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus
Our Disco Party Entertainers will lead them through all the musical games, for 1.5 hours. The kids can also have a turn at Karaoke, and be the lead singer of their favourite band! Party Prizes to be won by everyone.
If your child really likes to perform, then Disco Parties area a great choice. Once the guests have arrived and the music turns on, it's time to party, party, party!

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Character Party, Superhero Party

Do you want a stress free time at your child’s birthday party? Invite a fully trained lookalike* Superhero, Any Character ,Pirate entertainer of your choice to the childrens birthday party and watch them save the day.
The games flow smoothly from one to the next and the birthday party guests remain enthralled throughout with stories and humour all the while your child’s Superhero entertainer stays in character.

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