• Dress-up Party

  • Character Party

  • Dance Party

  • Chef Party

  • Arts and Crafts Party

  • Spa Party

Dress – Up Party

Let each of your party guest’s custom. During this fun packed party we will lead the kids in a runway, and then will help them create their very own unique show with costumes, props, hair,nal,make-up, which will be presented for the adult guests towards the end of the party. If you want, we will wrap the party up by assisting with your cake presentation. For groups of 5-15 children, ages 5 and up.

Chef party

Cookie ,ice creem, appron Decorating -Recommended for ages 2 and up; the children will have a great time decorating large bakery sugar cookies in themes shapes (, Baby Shower, Holidays, Birthday, and more!) with colored frosting, sugars, and sprinkles!

Charater Party

Your child’s favorite television character, superhero or princess comes and does themed games, facepainting and/or balloon animals, photo posing, cake presentation. One hour or longer depending on the number of children and desired activities.

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Arts and Crafts Party

This fun filled one and a half hour party includes a choice of two to three projects for the kids to paint and personalize with sequins, glitter, feathers and more. As they finish they have a choice of balloon animals or facepainting and of course, we help present your cake.

Dance Party

A professional dancer brings music and choreographs a dance to a song with the children and can put it on for parents. Dancing games, facepainting and hair streaks can also be included. Themes can be Hip Hop, Pop, Hawaiian, Fifties, Sixties, Seventies, or just ask!


Spa Party

Recommended for girls ages 7 and up in the one and a half our parties the girls do 2 activities: decorate a plastic champagne glass with jewels and paint and making bath salts to take home. We bring a portable foot bath. We put lotion on the girl’s hands and feet, remove old nail polish and put a new color on. If there is time we can do a game or balloons.