Glitter Tattoos

  • Glitter Tattoos are the hottest body art form in the world today. It is a fun way to entertain guests in parties and events. Even Hollywood celebrities are loving the sparkle on the red carpet!


Our glitter tattoos are waterproof and last from 3-7 days(often longer depending on location and aftercare of tattoo).We apply a stencil,cosmetic glue then loose glitter in the colours of your choice.We have many boys/girls designs & colours to choose from.A great add-on to smaller parties(up to 10 children for 2 hours)or fab on their own as a glitter tattoo party(up to 15 people for 2 hours).Also a nice option for Pool Party (waterproof),16th,18th,21st's! We recommend our tattoos for over 5's.To remove,use baby/tea tree oil or allow to wear off naturally-usually 5-10 days.


1 hour $165 (recommended 12-15 children)