• Pregnant Belly Painting Art

    Nothing is more beautiful than a big, pregnant belly. Sure, it's not so easy to get around -- but why not have some fun while you're waiting for the big day? Belly painting and henna "tattooing" is an artsy new way to celebrate a pregnancy and energize the unborn child. Here is an interesting collection. Pregnant belly painting is relaxing and therapeutic, and is best done when the belly is at it’s biggest! It’s a great way to have a beautiful momento of your pregnancy, most women don’t want to wash it off! You can specify your own design if you wish and there is also the option of having professional photos taken to make sure you capture the experience. The painting can take up to 2 hours depending on the design and can be done in your own home to make sure you are comfortable. Celebrate your bump in an unusual way! !


2 hours $450

(Discounted rates available for parties/events over 3 hours)